What Kind of Bike Storage Do You Need

What Kind of Bike Storage do You Need

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There are a lots of bike racks on the market, how do we choose the best one for ourselves?

The best and most common types of bike racks are the following two: wall-mounted and upright. Below you will find an introduction to these two types and professional advice on design styles and the types of people they are suitable for - while some people may want to make their bikes the focal point of their living room, more people want to solve the problem of space in their home space.

Vertical bike rack

If your home space is not large and requires easy operation, this is the savior of small square meters, can be suitable for different kinds of bicycle storage and small volume does not occupy space. Upright bicycle can make the home 50% more storage space, according to personal needs to choose horizontal or vertical bicycle shelf and have front and rear wheels to support the storage to make it more solid can be far from the wall or the floor, so that the most important thing is that there are now many bike racks combined with everyday furniture, no longer need to buy a rack and make more space, all-in-one bike furniture not only looks stylish and convenient to use and can create your own space for sports, all cycling enthusiasts can have higher convenience in storage and save at least 50% of the space, no need to drill holes can be no drilling is required for installation.

Wall-mounted bike racks

There are many avid cyclists who see bicycles as an art of installation, or in flat spaces where items are already taking up space, indoor wall-mounted bike racks are your best bet, but first, if you want to store your bike on a hook or wall mount, the higher you place it, the more effort it will take to hang it up and take it down. Therefore, if your bike is overweight, it is best to place or install the hooks lower. Any bracket or hook designed to hold the bike is very strong, but special attention should be paid to the wall material and whether it is solid, so you no longer have to worry about children or the elderly walking around the house will collide, placed on the wall can be easily reached. Suitable for stable living does not often move or change the decoration of the people.