5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking

5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking

In the following, I will take you to take a look at the 5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking. Whether it is a new hiker or an old hiker, let's learn it together.
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Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the quiet of nature, to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor hiking is a beautiful vision in the hearts of many donkeys. But at the same time, we must also put our own personal safety in the first place, pay attention to the various taboos in outdoor hiking, do not because of some wrong practices affect health.

In the following, I will take you to take a look at the 5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking. Whether it is a new hiker or an old hiker, let's learn it together.

NO.1 Avoid sleeping immediately after exercise

5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking

After a day of outdoor hiking, I believe that many people will feel physically and mentally exhausted and want to go to sleep as soon as possible. However, sleeping immediately after exercise is a health taboo, because after experiencing a lot of exercise, the body will feel very tired, very easy to enter the deep sleep stage, however, it is because of a lot of exercise, resulting in human metabolic activity is not yet stable, the muscles have not been effective and thorough relaxation, if you fall back to sleep, will easily lead to various parts of the body to appear large or small sudden conditions, such as many backpacker often occur The sleep cramps are the result of this.

NO.2 Drinking during the hike to relieve boredom

5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking

Outdoor has wonderful and beautiful scenery, I believe many tour pals are thinking that if there is wine would not be beautiful and wonderful? But many outdoor experts advocate not drinking alcohol after hiking, climbing, and other strenuous exercise, because after a lot of exercises the body's performance is still in a state of excitement, blood circulation will naturally speed up, and drinking alcohol at this time can promote the faster alcohol into the human body circulation, will produce a certain burden on some human organs and even harm.

Some people say: Then I will drink beer of lower alcohol content. In fact, even beer with a lower alcohol content will increase uric acid in the blood, which will cause great irritation to the joints, thus triggering joint inflammation. Moreover, drinking too much alcohol can mildly paralyze the nerves in the brain, and if the road conditions are poor, it will be easy to fall, fall and even other unforeseen consequences thus slowing down the entire team's marching speed. Therefore, enjoy the scenery when hiking outdoors, and drink alcohol at home!

NO.3 Avoid overeating during the trek

5 Dangerous Things You Can't Do On Hiking

During a day of heavy hiking, there is nothing wrong with proper energy, but I believe many tour pals know not to overeat while hiking outdoors. From the point of view of human digestion, overeating will not only increase the gastrointestinal burden of the human body but will also increase the weight in disguise. In addition, do not drink a lot of water during the hike because of thirst, the old donkeys have a principle of outdoor drinking - "a small number of times", and the best water to drink is saltwater, not only to replenish the body's salt loss but also to maintain the body's acid-base balance, to avoid cramps, cramps and so on. Avoid cramps and spasms.

During outdoor hiking, backpackers can carry some candy or cookies in their pockets, if there is hunger you can eat one first to provide temporary energy, and then eat reasonably when you find a suitable picnic site to maintain physical strength and ensure safety.

NO. 4 avoid sudden drop in body temperature after hiking exercise

I believe there are many backpackers who have had a similar idea and want to take a cold shower to cool off after hiking. In fact, this behavior is very harmful to the body. When the body temperature rises rapidly and then cools down, the pores of the sweat will contract immediately, causing physiological disorders and leading to nervous system disorders. Not only after hiking, but also in daily life should not use fans, air conditioners, or cold showers to quickly cool down after sweating profusely.

NO. 5 not wearing quick-drying clothes during hiking

As you know, heavy hiking in the summer produces a lot of sweat, and the more weight you carry during the hike, the more you sweat. If you are wearing a cotton T-shirt during the hike, it will quickly get soaked with sweat and will be difficult to dry. Although in everyday life there will be wet clothes, in the outdoors should be extra careful, because cotton T-shirts will evaporate in sweat will take away your body temperature, and this phenomenon in windy places will intensify, once the human body temperature cooling faster will lead to the phenomenon of loss of temperature, rapid loss of temperature is one of the most important factors leading to the death of outdoor people.

The main function of the quick-drying clothes is to quickly wick sweat, that is, the sweat on the skin quickly absorbed, diffusion is conducive to keeping the skin dry and fresh so that the body is always in a comfortable state.

Outdoor hiking is the favorite of many donkeys, but before outdoor sports in addition to knowing the outdoor hiking taboos in addition to a set of suitable outdoor equipment, so as to better appreciate the scenery along the way, feel the beauty of outdoor sports.