Camping enthusiasts have praised the 5 knowledge

Camping enthusiasts have praised the 5 knowledge

TOP 1:  Choosing a campsite

When you are ready to set up camp, the choice of camp is very important.

  1. First of all, do not choose stagnant ponds, dense grass and may have stagnant water, because these places but mosquito breeding places, you certainly do not want to wake up covered with bags it.
  2. Choose the windward place, the wind will quickly take away the heat, to create cold, and even bring disease, so choose the windward place to camp is also very important. It should also be noted that thunderstorm days do not camp on top of the mountain or open ground, so as not to be struck by lightning, you know the tent top can not be a lightning rod .
  3. Near the village: camp near the village what urgent matters can be asked for help from the villagers, in the absence of firewood, vegetables, food and other circumstances is more important. Near the village is also near the road, that is, close to the road, convenient for the team's action and transfer.
  4. Far cliff: camping can not be camped under the cliff, which is very dangerous, once the mountain when the wind, there is a possibility of stones and other things scraped down, resulting in casualties casualties.
TOP 2:  Picnic barbecue

Barbecue is not a necessary item for camping, but more than 80% of friends and family camping parties will choose barbecue as the main entertainment and solution to the food focus of the project.

  1. If you often participate in camping or barbecue activities, buy a barbecue grill is very necessary.
  2. The barbecue to use charcoal to bring a sense of the general barbecue special charcoal.
  3. We usually bring some fruit to relieve the greasy, but remember to fear the pressure of the fruit either do not bring, with words must be put in a sealed box, so as to avoid bananas, grapes and the like to the destination into a jam.
  4. Of course, the most important thing is fire prevention, camping happy at the same time must also pay attention to safety.

Camping enthusiasts have praised the 5 knowledge

TOP 3:  Take what you need

Forest grassland temperature difference is very big, must bring thick clothes, warm sleeping bag and moisture-proof pad.

  1. Although the forest morning and evening temperature difference is very large, but it is not necessary to bring a down jacket, a set of long-sleeved long pants enough, if you are afraid of cold, you can bring a short windbreaker or rash jacket to facilitate the wear and take off.
  2. We all know how powerful the autumn ultraviolet rays, so girls who love beauty should pay attention to sun protection, so do men. Everyone as much as possible to prepare the long brim hat.
  3. It is best not to bring fragmented accessories and other things are easy to lose, put the money and cell phones, dropped to the forest is not easy to find ~ ~!
TOP 4:  Warm up before you go to sleep

In order to sleep better when camping, warming up before going to bed is essential.

  1. Be sure to eat some high-calorie food before bed, and then drink warm water, milk, juice can be, or sleep at night, just counting the stars, although romantic, but will affect the whole journey pleasure!
  2. The fluffiness of the new sleeping bag is slightly poor, it is best to spread the sleeping bag when the tent is pitched to let it fluff, the longer the insulation performance is better.
  3. The tent should be kept in the air circulation, do not use open fire in the tent, the night before going to sleep to check whether all the fires are extinguished, do not sleep in the fire camp!
TOP 5: Essential medicines

The basic medicines that need to be prepared include: fire, drainage, anti-cold, anti-mosquito, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.

  1. Accidental cuts or scrapes, you can use hydrogen peroxide, clean and disinfect the vicinity of the wound, and then gently coated with antibacterial cream, and finally to prevent infection can also be wound with band-aids and short bandages.
  2. When the headache, you can use aspirin and acetaminophen to relieve pain. Remember to also bring anti-diarrhea medicine, in case of intestinal discomfort diarrhea, etc.
  3. In addition to the above-mentioned drugs, you also need to prepare aloe vera cream, in case of sunburn can be instant relief of pain, the hot summer, the grassland is very powerful ultraviolet rays, remember to arm yourself with sunscreen. In addition, if you go to a grassland off the beaten path, the ecological environment is very primitive, then please prepare a snakebite first aid kit.