How to make the light of the wild - the Swedish torch

How to make the light of the wild - the Swedish torch

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The Camping Light - Swedish Torch, is an efficient cooking campfire.

First used by the Swedish Army during the Historic Thirty Years War, this type of campfire requires only one log and works even when the ground is wet or covered with rain or snow.

It is an easy and quick campfire for cooking during camping activities when wood resources are limited.

Benefits of the Swedish Torch While there are countless ways to make a campfire, the Swedish Torch has its own unique advantages in cooking. In use, the wood burns efficiently, and the simple processing of the logs can produce a directional flame that burns from the inside out.

Plane for placing pots and pans

Place the logs with the ends facing downward and have a flat surface on top for cooking. Depending on the size of your logs, you can place kettles, grills, cast iron pots and pans, etc.

Fast and Controllable Flame

Because the flame of a traditional campfire is difficult to control, you usually wait until it burns down to the embers before you can start cooking, which usually takes about an hour before you can use it. The Swedish Torch's log burning flame is concentrated and cooking on the flame can be done in 20 minutes.

Fire source away from the ground

Even with dry wood, it can be difficult to set a traditional campfire when the ground is very wet or covered with rain or snow. A Swedish torch with a flame away from the ground prevents evaporating water moisture from extinguishing it.

Good self-ventilation

Unlike most campfires that require occasional tending, the Swedish Torch is self-sufficient in oxygen once it is lit. As the embers burn at the top, they fall into slits in the logs and burn from the top down. Air is constantly drawn in through slits in the sides.

how to make the Swedish torch

The most important thing in choosing wood to build a Swedish torch is to use dry wood. Freshly cut logs are full of moisture and they are hard to burn, so it is a mistake to choose wet wood and try to find out dry wood.

Depending on the tools available, there are several different ways to make a Swedish torch .

Cut a whole log with an axe
  • Find or cut out an appropriately sized log with the ends cut flat.
  • Use a splitting axe to split the log into quarters or sixths.
  • Reassemble the log, using metal wire to hold the strips together.
Assemble the separate strips of wood
  • Prefabricate strips of equal height.
  • Yard the split strips together at one end, bark side out, and bundle them to fit the wood as is.
  • Use wire to secure the bottom of the wood.
You can also cut the logs with a chain saw
  • Find a log or cut out an appropriately sized log with two flat cross-sections on both ends.
  • Place the log upright and use a chainsaw to cut the log into strips of wood, cut into quarters or sixths.
  • Do not cut all the way to the bottom, leaving a distance at the bottom so that the entire log remains intact and does not separate. This makes it easier to transport and maintains the original structure, making it easier to burn.

how to make the Swedish torch

Tip. Use an axe to treat the inner edges of the wood to rough wood chips. The embers fall inside the wood and these rough wood chips are good for burning, only the inward side needs to be treated.

Lighting the Swedish Torch.

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