How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (2)

How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (2)

6. Furniture: tables and chairs, camp lamps, tableware hanging baskets, ice buckets

Tables and chairs: can be simple or complex. Some people a small folding table with scout chairs will do, and some people even without a table at all, just bring a comfortable chair. Usually if you do not cook, it is recommended to bring the existing folding table from home or buy an omelet table on the line, but if you need to cook, then we must consider the weight of the table, after all, the weight of food plus pots and pans is considerable, consider the safety issues should also choose a stronger table. As for the chairs, at the beginning, you can bring home a small bench, and then observe the equipment of other campers, and then find out the type that suits your needs.

Advice: A camping chair that allows people to sit and relax, usually stored and does not occupy a position is well worth having, not only camping available, placed in the front yard balcony at home is also very suitable.

Tableware hanging basket: newcomers are easy to ignore is the tableware hanging basket. In fact, strictly speaking, if your table is large enough, there are people who will wash the dinner plate directly upside down cover on the table to air dry. But if you have fully simplified the equipment, only a small table, and to put pots and pans and cutlery, may not be able to stuff. This is a very convenient and space-saving hanging basket is a good helper, the focus is light and convenient storage.

Ice bucket/refrigerator: Many campers will buy portable refrigerators, but even if you don't have a portable refrigerator, there are many alternatives.

Lighting: Nowadays, most campgrounds have electricity, and the most common plug-in camp lights are fine in most camps.

Advice: these items are relatively inexpensive, and there are opportunities to use them in general life, so you can buy them according to your own preferences.

7. Clothing

First of all, pay attention to the season and the activity to choose the appropriate clothing, for example, if you play in the water, you must have a change of dry clothes; if you climb the mountain, it is best to wear breathable pants. In any case, the climate in the mountains is very changeable, so even in summer, it is important to have warm outerwear.

For winter camping, it is recommended to dress in onion style and wear multiple layers of thin clothing. Clothing that wicks away moisture and sweat is practical, and don't forget a thin long-sleeved top to protect you from both insects and the sun. If you have children, it is recommended to bring a raincoat, and a pair of shoes that are not afraid of water is practical for both children and adults!

Advice: summer thin long-sleeved outerwear must be brought, winter a good windproof jacket can offset more than one.

8. Bedding

The most basic bedding is to cover your body and lay on the ground. Even in summer, many mountain camps can be very cold at night.

In summer, a thin blanket may be enough for low-altitude camps, but the other three seasons of high-altitude camps will use a warmer quilt or sleeping bag. A lot of outdoor control is to vacuum their own down comforter to take out, sleeping bags are also very easy to rent equipment, the initial purchase is not too big a problem.

If you want to add to purchase, pay attention to the sleeping bag labeled comfortable temperature as the main reference indicator, mummy-style sleeping bag warmth is good; general square sleeping bag is a larger space for more comfortable activities.

The sleeping mat laid on the ground from the pavement tin foil pad, foam sleeping mat, inflatable sleeping mat, marching bed, and even coincidental pad are used, in recent years the mainstream style of family camping independent cylinder inflatable sleeping mat, the highest comfort, the first few camping trips can be rented to try.

A small reminder: it is highly recommended to carry ear plugs. It's a good idea to bring earplugs to get a good night's sleep instead of getting tired the next day because you can't sleep and the baby is crying or snoring in the next tent.

Advice: Avoid winter for the first time, so you don't buy a bunch of heavy equipment on impulse and find that you can't use it in other seasons.

How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (2)

9. Toiletries

As with travel, cleaning products can be carried in small bottles, making it much easier. In addition, you can make good use of your travel kit to make your bag lighter and more efficient in use!

Advice: bring a bar of soap! Sometimes soap works better than body wash and dish soap.

10. Toiletries large garbage bags and rubber bands (or cotton rope)

Large garbage bags are very useful, in addition to organizing the surrounding garbage, if the supplies are still wet when the bill is closed, it is most convenient to use large plastic bags directly to take away. In addition, the temporary need for separate storage items, large garbage bags can also come in handy. In addition, rubber bands and rope is also an unexpectedly useful thing that can help you to store the items more firmly and neatly.

11. Other technical difficulties: go to the experienced people with a smile on your face

Newcomers will always encounter all kinds of problems. Even if you have made a lot of preparations beforehand and keep crawling on the internet, you may still encounter all kinds of unexpected troubles when you actually get to the site. At this point, the camping seniors around you are your saviors. Remember to ask politely and gently, and I'm sure many camping veterans will be happy to help.

It's not that hard to have a good camping experience: find out the campground rules beforehand, don't be an uncaring camper, take a list of camping supplies and put them on the car one by one, and be careful with fire and safety in the campground. With a heart for nature, I believe you will be able to enjoy the beauty of camping~~.