How to quickly set up and store the camping tent?

How to quickly set up and store the camping tent?

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Camping in the wild will face the problem of tent set up and storage. The tent pitched quickly and well, not only can have a comfortable sleep, but also do not have to worry about the wind blowing at night by freezing; tent folded well, not only beautiful but also can save a large part of the space within the hiking bag, while the correct folding method can better extend the life of the waterproof coating, so how to do it?

Tent setup

First decide the location of the tent, according to the order, by 4 people work together, it does not take much time, you can simply set up. In order to consider the situation when the tent is withdrawn, it will be convenient to write down the initial matching situation.

There are different types of tents, and there are also different ways of making, matching design and combination. Small tents, A-frame tents, and wall tents are "set up tents" that use cables because of the order of their construction, while the recently developed and improved slug type and hut type tents are "combination tents".

How to quickly set up and store the camping tent?

Let's take one of the basic tent types, the wall type tent, as an example to explain how to set up the tent.

1. Decision of location

    After considering the wind direction and terrain, choose a flat place.

    2. Checking of tent equipment

      Pour out the supplies collected in the bag and check each part one by one. For the convenience of withdrawing the tent and not missing anything, it should be recorded first.

      3. Laying ground mat

        After the ground mat is laid, fix the four corners with pegs. If you are in a place where there is a lot of moisture, lay the mat on it first and then lay the mat on it.

        4. Erect the pillar and pull the main rope

          Put the bottom of the pillar through the hole of the two ends of the ground mat, at the same time, the tip of the upper part of the pillar, through the hole of the two pillars of the curtain building pillar, pull up the main rope left and right to avoid tilting left and right. In this way, the main appearance of the tent is formed.

          5. Adjust the main rope, pull up the corner rope, waist rope

            Adjust the shape of the tent by the branch rope attached to the main rope, and stand the two pillars vertically on the ground. Next, adjust the corner rope and waist rope with the branch rope to make the shape of the tent appear.

            6. Fix the walls

              Connect the tent bottom cloth, ground mat and the lower part of the wall.

              The above is the order of setting up the wall type tent, four people share the work, in a skilled state, about 10-15 minutes can be completed.

              Usually, a roof cover is added to reduce the effects of wind and rain, sun and cold. In step 4, when the pillars are inserted into the holes at both ends of the building, the roof cover is added first, and then the main rope is pulled on. After the main rope is fixed with nails, the two sides of the equilateral triangle are formed with the end point of the building as the apex, and the length of the bottom side is pulled to a length equal to that of the pillars. From the top of the roof, the corner rope should be on the extension of the diagonal line, and the waist rope and the corner rope should form a straight line side by side.

              How to quickly set up and store the camping tent?

              Storing the tent

              1. The tent are dismantled, spread flat on the ground.
              2. The bottom account tri-fold, and you fold the quilt, folded width slightly shorter than the best storage bag, why should be shorter than the storage bag? Because the following volume will have errors, and so you may roll up the width of the long, so it is difficult to fit into the storage bag, the general folded width than the storage bag can be about 5 cm smaller than the width of the bag.
              3. The outer tent also folded into a similar width, and then folded on the bottom account, the ground and tent poles also put on the bottom account.
              4. Slowly roll forward until the tent is completely rolled up. Remember to take your time, so that the gas held inside the tent can be completely exhausted. Finally put into the storage bag can be. Why choose to use the roll instead of folding fold and fold again? Because the damage to the coating of folding will be great, so it is recommended to choose to use the volume, rather than force folding tent, so that the life of the tent will be improved. In addition, the method of folding sleeping bags and tents are very similar, can be common to each other.