Spring outdoor camping barbecue precautions

Spring outdoor camping barbecue precautions

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The most important thing in the outdoor barbecue is safety, the main attention to three aspects: fire prevention, burn prevention, food safety.

1. Fire prevention

Choose a barbecue site away from flammable materials, adjacent to the water source, and prepare water with a bucket container, placed next to the grill, just in case. Once there is any hidden danger, to put out with water in time. Do not choose a place with more mosquitoes, do not choose caves, rooms and other closed places barbecue, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Prevent burns

When barbecuing outdoors, the grill is poorly fixed. So do not play in the barbecue area. The temperature of the grill itself is very high, do not touch. Being some put scalding medicine is also a good preventive measure.

3. Food hygiene

Food is poorly preserved in outdoor conditions, so it should be consumed early. For things that have been exposed to air for a long time, carefully confirm their freshness before deciding whether they are suitable for consumption.

Clean up the fire area, in some places due to the flourishing of grass, leaves piled up, these flammable things must be cleaned up, should be cleared out of an area of more than 10 square meters square as a fire area, clean up the method of sweeping and back to burn method, back to burn method is to use water to delineate the area along the circle line to splash a circle, and then, in the circle to light a fire back into the wind, you can burn a safe fire circle area. Second, should not be burned under the tree, a long time will be smoked to death. Third, after using the fire and when leaving the camp, you should promptly and thoroughly extinguish any sparks, preferably with water.