The Best Hiking Pants of 2022

The Best Hiking Pants of 2022

The Best Hiking Pants of 2022, Our ultimate buyer's guide for hiking pants. We hope you enjoyed the article and are now ready to tackle your next mountain adventure along with your new favorite hiking pants.

Imagine you are planning a hike. What do you bring with you? A waterproof jacket, functional underwear, sunglasses, hat, a big backpack... But what pants are best for hiking

It's not an easy choice when it comes to finding the best hiking pants. Especially when you're looking for a pair of functional hiking pants that also look stylish.

We took matters into our own hands and put together the ultimate buyer's guide for hiking pants. In our guide, we explain the different types of hiking pants and what you should look for when buying one.

Let's not waste any more time and discover the world of hiking pants together!

The Best Hiking Pants of 2022

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How we rated the best hiking pants

Mud, rain, thunder, bright sunshine or freezing cold. Hiking pants have to withstand many different conditions, especially when hiking in the mountains where the weather can change in seconds.

For this reason, there are many factors to consider when buying hiking pants. Our ranking for the best hiking pants is based on their performance in the following categories, which we found most relevant:

The conditions in which the pants will primarily be used, the comfort or fit of the pants, waterproofness and breathability, and additional features such as pockets or zippable legs.


Let's start with conditions as our first and most important ranking factor. After all, not every pair of hiking pants is equally suited for certain weather conditions.

In our ranking, we focused on finding the best hiking pants for different conditions. For example, the best hiking pants for cold weather, the best hiking pants for summer, and the best hiking pants for multi-day hikes or climbing.

For cold and dry weather, we generally recommend softshell pants. Softshell pants are windproof and keep the heat under lock and key. Some of them even have a fleece lining, making them extra warm and cozy. However, they do not protect against heavy rain, as they are only water repellent.

In rainy conditions or a hike with unpredictable weather, we recommend choosing a pair with a mix of materials. If you're in danger of being caught in a downpour, be on the safe side and make sure your pants offer adequate protection from wetness.

For summer hikes in hot weather and sunshine, we recommend hiking pants that can be converted into shorts by zipping off the legs. A good option for women is also technical legging, which is not only functional but also looks stylish.

Comfort and fit

A second important ranking factor for us was the comfort and fit of the hiking pants. When hiking, you need a pair of pants that support your movement while also feeling comfortable against your skin. The more comfortable it is, the better - you'll spend a lot of time hiking in these pants.

Softshell pants or hiking pants made from blended fabrics tend to be the most comfortable pants. Look at this as a reason why we didn't include hardshell pants in our ranking - even though they are extremely weather resistant. Being comfortable while out in the mountains was more important to us than being completely waterproof!

Another positive aspect of comfortable hiking pants is that they generally look better than hardshell pants, too. Comfort, functionality and style were the winning combinations for our ranking of the best hiking pants!

Waterproofness & Breathability

Next up is the technical part of our ranking factors. The functionality of our hiking pants was just as important as comfort and style in creating our ranking of the best hiking pants.

A good pair of hiking pants should protect you from wind and weather, even if you get caught in a storm.

Especially when hiking for several days, it is extremely important to wear windproof and quick-drying clothing. The weather is unpredictable and can change quickly!

Most hiking pants are windproof and quick-drying, rather than completely waterproof. A waterproof outer is usually quite heavy, making it a poor choice for recreational hiking.

Breathability, on the other hand, is the most important factor when buying hiking pants for hot or rapidly changing weather conditions. Breathable materials help prevent sweating and allow the pants to dry faster.

Additional features

As the fourth and final ranking factor, we decided to include additional features. The additional features of hiking pants are not necessary, but they can make the difference between good hiking pants and the perfect one.

For every pair of hiking pants we choose, we indicated which feature we personally liked the most. To name a few examples of extra features on hiking pants... a built-in belt, cargo pockets for extra storage, fleece lining, zip-off legs...

But more about the additional features later in this article. First, let's take a look at the winners of our best hiking pants ranking for men and women!

The Best Hiking Pants For Men of 2022

1. Men's UPF 50+ Breathable Convertible Pants 15


Men's UPF 50+ Breathable Convertible Pants
✔ UPF 50+
✔ Zip Off Convertible
✔ Three Ways To Wear
✔ 5 Deep Pockets
✔ Breathable & Quick Dry
✔ Durable & Tear-proof Design
✔ Elastic Wear Resisting

These capable pants are loaded with useful features including UPF 50+ protection, ample pocket space including zippered security pockets, moisture resistance and a stretchable waist. Their party piece, however, is their zippered legs for when it's too hot or inconvenient to keep the pant legs on. These pants offer excellent durability in all environments and temperatures, fast drying time and moisture reduction, and are comfortable even in extreme heat. They also excel in water and offer excellent wind resistance. If you want to be absolutely prepared for any environment, these pants are a great way to go.

2. Men's Fleece-lined Hiking Pants 06


✔ Water Resistant and Warm
✔ Windproof
✔ Fleece Lined
✔ 3 Secure Zippered Pockets
✔ Fits Winter Boots
✔ Durable & Tear-proof Design
✔ Elastic Waist & Belt Loops
✔ Anti-pilling

These Polyester and Spandex hiking pants have a zippered front and traditional waistband. There are 3 colors to choose from. The fabric used to make these pants is a ripstop mechanical stretch fabric used to enhance movement. It is also treated with a waterproof coating to protect against soil and moisture. The pants have many pockets, a large cargo pocket on two side of the leg, a back pocket, and some pockets hidden for security. This makes them suitable for hiking as well as for everyday wear.

The Best Hiking Pants For Women of 2022

1. Women's Warm Hiking Pants for Winter 06

Women's Warm Hiking Pants for Winter 06

✔ Water Resistant and Warm
✔ Windproof
✔ Fleece Lined
✔ 4 Secure Zippered Pockets
✔ Fits Winter Boots
✔ Durable & Tear-proof Design
✔ Elastic Waist & Belt Loops
✔ Anti-pilling

These pants are made of field-tested polyester and spandex materials that will not only withstand any environment, but excel at it as well. We found them to be extremely durable, ergonomic and have excellent freedom of movement. In addition, the material is resistant to liquids and resists fading, shrinking or wrinkling. The pants also include 4 zippered pockets for excellent utility and are lightweight and comfortable for use beyond hiking. If you need sturdy hiking pants that can withstand the cold, then look no further.

2. Women's Convertible Hiking Camping Outdoor Pants 11

Women's Convertible Hiking Camping Outdoor Pants

✔ Zip Off Convertible
✔ Three Ways To Wear
✔ 4  Pockets
✔ Breathable & Quick Dry
✔ Durable & Tear-proof Design
✔ Elastic Wear Resisting
✔ Pant leg drawstring 

These convertible hiking pants have convenient zippers on the legs to turn them into shorts. They also have drawstrings in the legs for adjustable comfort. Made of lightweight fabric for a slim, comfortable fit and freedom of movement. The knees are articulated to enhance flexibility. Waterproof and quick-drying capabilities. There are several pockets on these pants, including front and back zippered pockets.

How to find the best hiking pants

Choosing the best hiking pants is not easy. That's why we've put together a quick guide to help you find the perfect hiking pants for your individual needs.


The first thing to look for when buying hiking pants is the mix of materials used. Depending on how the fabrics are used, hiking pants can be either sturdy or stretchy.

The most common mix of materials for hiking pants is a blend of synthetics like nylon or polyester and spandex. Spandex gives the pants the flexibility needed for hiking and makes them especially comfortable. The more spandex in the blend, the more flexible the hiking pants.

Other hiking pants are partially made of cotton. Cotton has the big plus of being more durable than a blend of polyester and spandex. On the other hand, cotton is less breathable and takes longer to dry when wet.

Therefore, in dry and cold conditions, we recommend you choose pants made from a cotton and spandex blend, and in warmer and wetter conditions, we recommend pants made from a synthetic and spandex blend.


The next thing to look for is the warmth of your hiking pants. The weather conditions in which you plan to wear your new hiking pants should determine how warm your new pants should be.

The warmest type of hiking pants is softshell pants with a warm and cozy fleece lining. The fleece lining keeps you cozy and warm - but these pants should only be worn in dry weather.

Mixed-material hiking pants are usually extremely lightweight and breathable and can be used in a wide variety of conditions. In the summer, 2-in-1 pants are perfect so you don't have to choose between wearing shorts or long pants.

Versatility & Style

One of the most important criteria for our ranking of the best hiking pants was the versatility and style of the pants. We love having to buy just one pair of pants that you can use for more than one occasion.

When we talk about a favorite hiking pant, our favorite is the one that can be worn on day hikes as well as for a trip to town. After all, who says hiking can't be stylish?

For more ambitious hikers, we recommend 2-in-1 hiking pants that can transform into shorts in warm weather. Due to their lightweight and versatility, such hiking pants are the perfect companion for multi-day hikes.

The Best Hiking Pants of 2022

Weather resistance

Another important aspect to look for when buying hiking pants is weather resistance. When hiking in the mountains, the weather is unpredictable and can change within minutes.

When that happens, be well prepared and wear pants that can withstand the rain to keep you dry.

Make sure your future hiking pants have a waterproofing or water-repellent coating to keep you protected from a storm.


Just as important as the waterproofness of a pair of hiking pants is their breathability. Breathable pants dry faster after rain and allow hot air to evaporate.

When hiking, it's important to wear breathable pants. If you get too warm and hot air can't escape, you'll start to sweat and it can get cold very quickly as a result.

Hiking pants with high breathability are usually made from synthetic fabrics. Cotton is generally less breathable than synthetics. Therefore, we recommend choosing pants made of synthetic fabric for long and demanding hikes.

Additional features

The last thing you should look for when buying hiking pants are the additional features. As we mentioned earlier, the additional features will make the difference between a good pair of outdoor pants and the perfect new pair.

Zippered legs - hiking pants with zip-off legs are super versatile and can be worn in a variety of conditions. The zipper is usually located just above the knees. In seconds, you can turn your hiking pants into hiking shorts this way.

Integrated Belt - Many hiking shorts have an integrated belt that is perfect for hiking. It's easy to adjust, and you don't have to buy an extra belt.

Pockets - Large pockets are a great feature for those who like to go hiking without a backpack. For day hikes or long walks, it's often enough to carry only the essentials: Wallet, phone and a small snack like a candy bar.

The Best Hiking Pants of 2022

Types of hiking pants

Now it's time to take a closer look at the different types of hiking pants. The different types of hiking pants are suitable for different weather conditions. We've listed the three most common types of hiking pants for you, and now we'll explain which type of hiking pants are best for which weather conditions.

Softshell hiking pants

Softshell hiking pants are usually made of two layers: a wind- and weather-resistant outer layer and an insulating inner layer.

The smooth outer material of a softshell hiking pant is known for its high comfort and beautiful appearance. The inner lining is usually made of fleece or mesh, which makes softshell pants especially comfortable.

Because of their warmth, softshell hiking pants are a good choice for winter walks or hikes in colder climates like the UK or Scotland.

The downside to softshell hiking pants is that they are usually only water repellent and won't keep you dry in the rain.

Hardshell hiking pants

Hardshell hiking pants are made from highly waterproof and breathable materials that can give you protection from the harshest conditions.

Hardshell hiking pants are designed for advanced hikers who need extremely durable pants for mountain or ski touring.

Compared to other hiking pants, they are less comfortable and weaker insulated. Therefore, we decided not to include hardshell hiking pants in our ranking.

Mixed fabric hiking pants

Blended fabric hiking pants are our favorites when it comes to an all-around hiking pant. With a pair of blended hiking pants, you'll be ready to tackle all types of terrain in comfort and style.

They're durable, lightweight, and can be used in all kinds of conditions. We're absolutely blown away by the versatility that blended hiking pants offer!

If you're just looking to buy a pair of hiking pants, this is the way to go! The blend of synthetic and spandex materials makes for an extremely durable and comfortable pair of hiking pants.


And that's it again folks! Our ultimate buyers guide for hiking pants. We hope you enjoyed the article and are now ready to tackle your next mountain adventure along with your new favorite hiking pants.