Camping fishing: floating signal but can not catch fish?

Camping fishing: floating signal but can not catch fish?

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1. The bait is too big

Fishing big fish with big bait, fishing small fish hanging small bait, this is the common sense of every fisherman. But the actual fishing in some anglers will not be timely response, think just now is also such a large bait particles on the continuous fishing on the fish, now how to see the "down" signal but raise the empty rod. In fact, the bottom of the water is often changing, the bait grain is slightly larger, small fish peck, swallowed not into the mouth, the surface of the sensitive buoy signal is obvious, but the rod must be empty.

2. Hard bait

The size and hardness of the bait grains are the physical properties of the application of bait grains, fishing masters pay great attention to the bait bubble system. Harder bait grain, its atomization performance is relatively poor, not only affect the effect of luring fish, and even if the fish to bite the hook is not big swallow, only "a suck that spit". At this time, the buoy will also meet the obvious sense of ton, or the fish with the mouth to suck the bait grain head up but not swallowed, the reaction of the standing mark slowly rise, and sometimes even 8, 10, raise the rod is not in the fish. In this case, the angler should change to soft bait or loaded with pull bait, will be able to hit the fish.

3. The taste of bait is not suitable for your mouth

Each kind of fish has its own favorite bait flavor, carp love fragrant bait. Carp are interested in fishy bait, and chub are especially interested in bad and sour bait. In addition, the fish in each fish pond are also influenced by the local environment at that time, and have a preference for food bait. The angler with the bait flavor is not to taste, there will be only "bite" and not swallowed phenomenon. Especially in the middle of fishing to change the nature of the bait, bait flavor, there will be a fish gobbling, only to see the float float up, even when the rise to a halt, the rod is rarely on the fish.

4. Hook is large

Many anglers who used to specialize in fishing for big fish in reservoirs, finishing ponds, are still used to using big hooks after learning table fishing. "I can catch carp as usual". Yes, you can catch crucian carp with Isini 6 hooks, but the hooking rate is much lower, especially in wild rivers and streams, or open waters, you can only see the bite signal with large hooks, but always no fish on the pole.

Camping fishing: floating signal but can not catch fish?

5. The fishing line is too thick

The line and hooks in the fishing group should match each other well, small hooks with thick line, the same signal can not pull the fish. Last spring, I was fishing in a big river open to the public, because the fishing friends often run big fish, I used the No. 1 foot line, with medium hook, fishing, always see a slight downward pause after the standard up a goal that is stopped, raise the rod does not hit the fish, with experience this is a cunning carp bite reaction. I changed to a 0.4 fine line hook set. The situation is different, only see the light downward pause and then the standard gradually rise about one item, stop for a few seconds, that is, there is a larger swallowing downward reaction, raise the rod and win the fish, catching big carp more than ten pounds that day.

6. Small size of the fish

Small fish mouth is also small, and the sucking power is also small. Load small lures and soft baits, or use pull baits. With obvious signal, as long as the mark is adjusted well, you can continuously catch fish.

7. Weather reason

Fish is a variable temperature animal, its appetite is affected by changes in weather, the sudden rise in temperature, fall and changes in air pressure have an impact on fishing. When the weather is not normal, the fish appetite is not good, want to eat and not big mouth swallowing, then there will also be a float rise and can not pull the phenomenon of fish. In this case to deal with three points of relationship: First, the bait should not be too much, to be less but fine, and the taste of clear and light, can not be thick fragrance, the color should be white, white to stimulate their appetite. Secondly, the shape of the flocculent bait floating in the water to attract fish to swallow. Three is to adjust the buoy on the dull side. Such as adjusting two fishing two, two fishing three, until you see the signal on the floating standard can catch fish.

8. Buoy adjustment too sensitive

Beginners have a lot of misconceptions, the more sensitive the better is one of the table fishing tuning. The actual adjustment of sensitive is only a concept, not the more sensitive the better. For example, when adjusting seven fishing two, hook two grains of bait will be pressed into the water for five purposes. When the fish gently suck the bait grain has not entered, the standard has a downward motion, raise the rod certainly not in the fish. Especially when the fish appetite, half pound carp will start to suck and swallow at 2 cm from the bait, the sensitive mark will have a down signal, change to adjust four fishing three, or adjust three fishing two, or adjust two fishing three, until you see the signal to raise the rod in the fish.