Winter camping, how to sleep more warmly under 0 ℃?

Winter camping, how to sleep more warmly under 0 ℃?

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Slow down your mind when camping in winter

In the cold season, when you go camping wrapped in three layers, whether walking or staying, it becomes slow, so you have to walk slowly like a snail with the idea of "taking time".

In winter, there is snow under your feet, your body is a backpack, and you have to worry about slipping on the snow, so it takes longer than normal; even if you reach your destination, you have to tamp down the snow and set up your tent to cook, so it takes even more time. Plus the low temperature many things have to "warm up" over to be able to carry out the next step, so it is much more difficult, but also to be constantly vigilant in the face of the changing environment, to make adjustments and adapt to reflect.

Camping sites are carefully chosen

Camping location should choose a place that is sheltered from the wind, and try to face east to the sun, so that when the sun rises you will be able to be directly exposed to the sun. Flat land or bushes are better campsites, sleeping bags should not be placed directly on the ground of snow and ice, pine branches and outerwear can be laid under the sleeping bag so that the human body does not make the snow and ice melt and get cold. The lower layer of inflatable, the upper layer of foam, two moisture-proof pad with the use of better insulation from the cold air underneath.

Before setting up camp, use a sled or snowshoes to stomp out a flat area so that you won't get stuck in the soft snow when climbing into the tent. Even if the weather is clear, fix the tent as foolproof as possible. After fixing the tent, you can also use sleds, snow poles, ice axes for additional fixing, and you can also put your backpack in the hole of the snow hole for blocking the wind.

Tips: If there is wind or snow coming from a fixed direction during camping, you can use a large canvas to make a wind wall between the two trees that can fix it, which can make the tent warmer.

Tent in the process of camping condensation phenomenon

If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the tent will appear condensation phenomenon, the evaporated water droplets on the ground to the tent condensed into small droplets, but has nothing to do with the quality of the product, if this phenomenon occurs, we can use a dry towel to dry, living room type tent, if the tarp is laid, can to a certain extent to solve the phenomenon of condensation, frequent ventilation can also be prevented.

Tips: Remember not to seal the tent in the cold environment, otherwise the moisture caused by breathing will not be able to evaporate and condense in the tent walls, forming snow and dripping water.

Keeping warm is the first thing to go

If you don't keep warm, the feeling of camping in the snow will be much lower, however, if you want to keep warm, you should have a safe and convenient heater. Before going to bed, you should use the temperature of the heater to raise the temperature inside the tent, and it is best to use thicker clothes and blankets to maintain body temperature. During the day, the heater is placed in the center of the tent to facilitate a balance of temperature around, and at night to adjust the sleeping bag should be placed on the edge of a safe heater, not to damage the tent. In maintaining a normal body temperature you can go to sleep.

If there is no heater, then make your own temporary hot water bag, fill the hot water into a kettle (note the use of a kettle that can withstand high temperatures), and then wrap the kettle with a sock, so that not only can you put it in your sleeping bag as a heat source, but also have the right temperature water to drink when you wake up the next morning.

Tips: Similarly, this tip can be used in boots.

Winter camping, how to sleep more warmly under 0 ℃?

The use of sleeping bags is particularly important

Try not to let too much space between the sleeping bag and our body, because the more space, the body needs to make more heat, so try to choose a sleeping bag that fits; the gap between the sleeping bag and the body, you can stuff the clothes you want to wear the next day, not only can reduce the energy needed to heat the body, but also the next morning there are warm clothes to wear.

Before using the sleeping bag should make it fully fluffed, so that the insulation effect is better. If you have a limited budget and do not want to buy a high gram sleeping bag, you can use two general sleeping bags to form a double sleeping bag. Do not bury your face in the sleeping bag when you sleep, because there is only one consequence of doing so: let the moisture caused by breathing condense on the sleeping bag thus reducing the insulation of the sleeping bag.

Tips: after each use of the sleeping bag, the warm air inside the bag should be released, so as to avoid the warm air cold moisture condensation to wet the sleeping bag.

It is best to bring fast food in winter

Winter camping is a lot tougher than summer camping, especially the physical exertion, so we have to prepare some high-calorie fast food, and the portion must be enough, one kilogram per person per day for normal people, because there is more equipment worn on the body in winter, so cooking in a simple and quick way is the way to go.

And also to prepare some small food, like chocolate, compressed cookies, dried fruit, peanut products, put in the place where you can get it at hand, easy to eat. And at night before you get ready to sleep, you should also take out some small food next to the sleeping bag, at any time to replenish.

Tips: The body temperature will increase for 30 minutes to an hour after the body digests carbohydrates and fats.

Ventilation is also the most important thing

Ventilation is good for physical and mental health, now many brands in order to prevent insects from sneaking into the tent, the design of the floor skirt, although very effective in keeping insects out of the door, but ventilation for some trouble. If you are not particularly afraid of the cold, it is best to open a smaller vent, or in a time when the tent is not used for ventilation, if the use of heating equipment, be sure to open a small vent.

Let your equipment dry when you finish camping

Always leave a set of dry clothes and a pair of socks for backup. Dry clothes are lifesavers after a long day of walking.

At the end of the camping trip, you should quickly evacuate and go back to dry your equipment thoroughly, preferably in direct sunlight, which can play a disinfecting role.

Tips: Do not wear shoes baked feet, so that not only is not easy to dry, the reverse side of the shoes to produce moisture, and then go out in the ice and snow walking will condense into ice, prone to frostbite.

Professional equipment is more reliable

When you go out camping in winter, it is better to use professional camping equipment, which is safer and more reliable.

1. Minimum temperature at night

①The minimum temperature at night is higher than 25 degrees, you can use a fleece sleeping bag, of course, you can also use a thin envelope type cotton sleeping bag to cover the stomach, so as not to cool the stomach.

②The minimum night temperature is higher than 15 degrees, you can use 200-250 grams filled envelope cotton sleeping bag.

③The lowest temperature at night is higher than 5 degrees, then you need to use 300 grams filled mummy type cotton sleeping bag, or use 400 grams filled down sleeping bag.

④The lowest temperature at night is higher than -5 degrees, you need to use 350g-400g filled mummy type cotton sleeping bag. Or use more than 700 grams filled down sleeping bag.

⑤The lowest temperature at night is higher than -10 degrees, you need to use 350g-400g filled mummy type cotton sleeping bag plus a down sleeping bag liner to get better warmth. Or directly use more than 1000 grams of down sleeping bag filling.

⑥The minimum night temperature is higher than -15 degrees, you can only use 1200 grams of down sleeping bags filled with more than.

⑦The minimum temperature at night is higher than -20 degrees, only able to use more than 1500 grams of down sleeping bag filling.

2. Sleeping bag comfortable low temperature

The most important indicator of outdoor sleeping bags is the temperature standard, which can also be called a comfortable low temperature. Comfortable low temperature refers to the outside temperature is lowered to a specific temperature, many people use the sleeping bag will feel very comfortable, if the temperature is lowered again, it will feel cold.

Comfortable low temperature on the sleeping bag has 2 marking methods.

① marking an absolute temperature, such as -10 degrees, indicating that the sleeping bag's comfort low temperature is -10 degrees.

② mark the temperature range, the transition from red to yellow or blue, such as red from 5 degrees, to -1 degrees when the transition to yellow, in -17 degrees when the transition to blue. This temperature indicates the meaning of 5 degrees on the warm side, -1 degrees appropriate, -17 degrees when it feels very cold, the comfortable low temperature of this sleeping bag is -1 degrees.