Five prohibitions on hiking and climbing

Five prohibitions on hiking and climbing

To outdoor hiking and climbing, is to pursue freedom ~ but excessive "freedom", will hurt their own bodies.

1. Do not use body heat to bake clothes
2. Do not drink to relieve boredom

Many people are used to bring wine when hiking and climbing, which is not advisable. This is because the body will be in a state of hyperactivity after strenuous exercise, drinking at this time will make the body faster to absorb alcohol into the blood, the liver, stomach and other organs will be more harmful than usual. Even if the beer has a low alcohol content, it will increase the uric acid in the blood, making the joints very irritated and causing joint inflammation.

3. Do not go to sleep immediately

As a result of a lot of exercise, the human body systems have not been properly regulated, the activities of various parts have not yet turned into normal, if this time to fall asleep, it will be easy to incur disease.

4. Avoid sudden drop in body temperature

Cold bathing or swimming immediately after outdoor activities can cause physiological disorders and lead to nervous system dysregulation. Should not immediately use the fast gear of the electric fan to blow the wind to cool down, otherwise it is easy to cause headaches, colds.

5. Avoid binge drinking

After the activity appropriate to drink some tea, salt water, boiled water, but should not drink too much. Because, at this time to drink a lot of water, not only will make the digestive system and cardiovascular system to increase the burden, but also a lot of sweating, so that the body salt loss, which can easily cause cramps, spasms, and even affect appetite.