Camping sleep badly? Try these tips

Camping sleep badly? Try these tips

Whether you are using a newly purchased sleeping bag is quite puffy and comfortable or to use a very long battle-hardened sleeping bag how to make yourself comfortable is the first priority, remember: sleeping bag will not heat up or heat itself, it only slows down or reduces the release of body heat, the best way is to store more heat in the body.

The factors of the external environment will affect the comfort of sleeping.

Don't choose a camp site at the bottom of a stream where cold air collects, and don't camp on a ridge line. Choose a leeward side or a forested area or use a bivouac bag or dig a snow hole.

Sleeping bag fluffiness: new sleeping bag due to extrusion and sleeping bag set within a long time, the initial fluffiness and insulation will be slightly worse than warm, it is best to set up a good tent on the spread of the sleeping bag to let it fluffy, of course, the longer the better the time sleeping pad.

Material: each sleeping pad insulation coefficient are different, it can be isolated from the heat released from the bottom of the sleeping bag. Energy, different seasons with different sleeping pads, such as the snow period is best to use the full length of the sleeping pad containing probable drive body and solid or automatic inflatable sleeping pad, and then the backpack, the main rope or other items placed under the feet.

Camping sleep badly? Try these tips

Complete waterproof: any wet sleeping pad will be unbearable and uncomfortable, if there is no waterproof sleeping bag set can be replaced by a large garbage bag, when the tent soaked, wet items can be placed inside, between the outer tent or the corner of the inner tent away from the sleeping bag, bad weather, the inner tent will gather water droplets, so the tent window must be slightly open slit to let the tent ventilation, when the rain is over, you must take out and sun sleeping bag, if it is snowy period is directly spread in the tent Inside the tent. Wear enough clothes: Alpine guides have said that if you don't wear all the clothes you have with you when you sleep, it means you have brought too many clothes. It is a good idea to bring a hat because half of your body's heat is dissipated from your head.

Full: food is fuel, do not sleep with an empty stomach or called empty oil depot, eat some high-calorie objects before going to bed, while adequate water is quite important to the body's metabolic function, when you feel tired, sleep awakened by thirst, or when you want to drink water to drink more water, the number of urination about four to five times a day, urine is best to be clear, if it is yellow represents the body is still dehydrated state.

Warm body: sleeping bag will not maintain and create heat, do not go to the camp immediately jump into the sleeping bag, too tired and too cold body is useless, eat well and enough dinner and hot drinks, and then stroll in the moonlight for a while to not sweat as the standard will be warm body to sleep to be comfortable regardless of what kind of sleeping bag in a humid environment will still be uncomfortable and poor warmth, may wish to use a Gore-tex sleeping bag jacket, it can The body's water vapor to the outside of the breathable, even if the tent cohesion of a little water or live in a snow cave is still comfortable, but plastic products will not be breathable cause sleeping bags wet, the head of the general sleeping bag will be more dirty, sleeping bags are best hand-washed, use a neutral detergent or special feather cleaner, the cleaning process can not have cleaning agent residue in the sleeping bag must be cleaned and dried, the use of washing machine steps complicated is not recommended, wrung out after a few days to dry Do not put it in the sleeping bag for a long time, it will deform the feathers or fibers, it is best to put it in a large bag or closet, try not to dry clean the feather sleeping bag will be washed off the natural oils of the feathers, unless sent to a specialized store.