The outdoors, for body and mind

The outdoors, for body and mind

Good health is really good. Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about their health and are exercising and working out to get a good body.

Remove the outdoor fitness, so that the body and mind are on the road

In the usual work, life, many people will focus on fitness, some like to soak in the gym, while some people prefer outdoor fitness.

Indoor fitness

In the gym, a wide range of professional equipment, meticulous service, scientific guidance, to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts of all kinds.

Exercisers can use a variety of unarmed exercises, such as a variety of unarmed aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics and a variety of self-resistance movements. You can also use a variety of different sports equipment for various exercises.


The gym is in an indoor environment, so as long as you develop good habits, you can exercise indoors all year round, regardless of wind or rain. The gym has good hardware and software conditions to improve physical endurance and quality in a short period of time. Moreover, going to the gym also allows you to see the beautiful and handsome people in the gym by the way.


Poor air quality in the gym. Crowded and cluttered. Many gyms are not very well lit and ventilated, and the wall panels, floors and exercise equipment give off a smell that is not very pleasant. And there are so many things to keep in mind at the gym that you are always restricted and there are not as many workout options as outdoors.

You can say that outdoor fitness has too many disadvantages, such as the need to opposite the wind and rain, double such as the need for too much equipment and so on, but in the eyes of people who love the outdoors, these are no better than the following advantages.

-Birds and flowers, let the mood fly

Nature has a variety of flowers and trees, and a variety of ecological environment, enough to make boring hiking and climbing activities become lively and interesting. Being in an outdoor area with birds and flowers can not only cultivate the mood when working out, but also soothe the nerves.

Compared with the monotonous decorations in the gym, there are colorful colors here, so that the eyes can enjoy the fresh beauty and let the body linger. Especially after a long period of complicated and tiring work, fitness exercise in nature can effectively relieve the accumulated fatigue and easily open a good mood.

-Pure Breathing, Nourishing

The hustle and bustle of the city is filled with so much car exhaust that it is always uncomfortable. Even in the gym, it is hard to guarantee that there will be a quality state of air. However, in the outdoors, all this can be easily solved.

Outdoor fitness, whether jogging, hiking or cycling, you can enjoy the refreshing air of nature.

-Jogging, running out of my world

Jogging can improve cardiorespiratory function and make blood circulation smoother. Putting on some relaxing music during running can bring more energetic. If you are trying to lose weight, it can burn calories faster than walking.

When jogging, as the pressure of the body are concentrated in the lower limbs and ankle part, coupled with the outdoor bumpy terrain, it is easy to cause injury to the feet, which requires attention to protect yourself in the usual exercise.

-Climbing, into the endless

Mountain climbing is a difficult and physically demanding outdoor sport. After choosing a good climbing target, climbers need to have enough physical strength and endurance. This sport requires the mobilization of lower limb muscle strength and body coordination, which will be of great help in exercising cardiorespiratory capacity and picking up body balance and weight capacity. In the process of ascending, it is necessary to pay full attention, not a trace of sloppiness, otherwise it will bring great potential danger to the body.

Climbing poles, which can reduce at least 22% of the pressure on the legs and knees and other muscular joints during the climbing process, improve stability, not only save energy and make you more relaxed and comfortable, but also a strong guarantee of safety. Climbing poles are generally three sections is enough, and the double staff is the best choice, reasonable distribution and decomposition of the lumbar leg support. The comfort of the wrist strap is also very important to avoid wear and tear on the wrist.

-Walking, measuring the earth with your feet

Walking is not only a leg exercise, but a whole body exercise, balancing the body and adjusting the pace by swinging the arms. Control the rhythm. Trekkers must be physically fit, mentally stable and ethical, and also have a helpful team spirit.

This kind of fitness exercise is walking and outputting while gaining at the same time. When hiking, you may have to cross mountains, jungles, deserts, snowfields, streams, canyons and other landscapes, integrating mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, stream-tracing and wilderness survival, and facing the weather of outdoor rain and wind, it requires good psychological quality and resilience of hikers.

-Riding, walking on clouds and water

In the outdoors, many people do not like hiking, one of the important reasons for the slow pace of indoor hiking, it is difficult to ensure the speed of movement and harvest more fun. Riding, on the other hand, is just the right way to meet the win-win of vision and physical strength, and can effectively promote heart health and exercise the quadriceps (the muscles in front of the thighs). Follow a winding path through the city and a lot of beauty will follow.

During the ride, professional riding glasses and helmets are essential equipment for safety accessories. If you don't wear glasses, the cyclist's eyes will receive too much UV reflection, and long-term absorption of UV rays in the eyes will easily lead to cataracts.

Of course, whether indoor fitness or outdoor fitness, according to their own personal circumstances and environmental conditions, scientific and reasonable choice. For the difference between the two, perhaps you can say this: indoor fitness, professional strength, faster to improve physical fitness. Outdoor fitness, go farther, body and mind - both on the road!