Choose a right tent, your camping is already half successful!

Choose a right tent, your camping is already half successful!

For newcomers to the outdoors, how to choose a suitable tent? Outdoor common tent classification is simple, leaving aside the brand and erection method, from the type of tent pole is divided into aluminum alloy pole and fiberglass pole, from the size of 1-2 person tent and 3-4 person tent, so that the choice is more intuitive.


How to choose the size of the tent should not be a problem, the need for personal space, choose a single tent; want to experience the outdoors with the other half, buy a double tent; want to go out with family and friends, buy 3-4 people tent. But remember, the tent is not only for people, but also for your other items, so leave enough space. Many tents are foyer, but the size and number of different, it is best to take into account the space needed for the items when buying.

Tent Pole

Many people feel that aluminum pole tent is lighter than fiberglass pole tent, in fact, the weight of a tent does not depend on what tent pole it uses, the same double fiberglass pole tent can only be about 150 grams lighter after replacing it with aluminum pole, many fiberglass pole tents can also be made very light.

The real advantage of aluminum alloy pole is its durability, fiberglass pole will break when it is used frequently, and the tent cannot be set up, and such problem will occur when it is low temperature. The aluminum alloy pole, on the other hand, will basically not break in normal use except for bending, and the integrity of the aluminum alloy pole is also better than the fiberglass pole.

Choose a right tent, your camping is already half successful!


Tents are designed to take into account different uses and have different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, the common tent is divided into five styles.

Triangular tent: before and after the use of herringbone iron pipe as a bracket, the middle frame a horizontal rod connection, propping up the inner tent, installed on the outer tent can be, which is the most common early tent style.

Dome tent (also known as yurt type): the use of double-pole cross support, disassembly and assembly are relatively simple, is currently the most popular style on the market.

Hexagonal tent: using three or four poles cross support, some use six-pole design, focus on the stability of the tent, is the "alpine type" tent common style.

Boat bottom-shaped tent: propped up like a boat buckled over, and can be divided into two poles, three poles of different support, generally the middle for the bedroom, the two ends of the hall shed, in the design of the focus on the wind streamline, is also a common tent style.

Ridge-shaped tent: shape like a small independent tile house, support is usually four columns at the corners, the top rack a ridge-like structured roof, this tent is generally taller, bulky, suitable for driving people or relatively fixed field operations camping use, so there is a car tent called.


Many people are extremely concerned about the weight of the tent, who want to be able to carry a light "house" out, but it is not recommended to pursue light, in the south may be able to, but the northern summer is too short. Tent to do very light, you have to do on the material compromise, such as originally to use nylon cloth place with gauze mesh, with 210t place with 190t, etc., which directly lead to a decline in insulation. So, when purchasing to ask yourself: so light tent suitable for my use of the environment?

Choose a right tent, your camping is already half successful!


Most people tend to pick the tent color according to their personal preferences, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low brightness green and brown palladium is a good choice, high brightness color tent in addition to look bright, but also the benefits of easy to search.

In addition, the color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent, high brightness of the tent light transmittance is higher, while the heat conducted in will be higher; low brightness of the tent light transmittance will be poor, will also block some of the natural heat source provided to us by the sun, affecting the activities of individuals in the tent, especially in the case of bad weather can feel the difference between the two.


Tent rainproof has basically no need to consider, now everyone will choose double tent, whether waterproof 2000mm or 5000mm water column, this indicator is the same for us: medium to heavy rain are no problem.