How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (1)

How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (1)

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First time campers are always excited and worried, looking forward to the upcoming event, but also worried that if they are inexperienced, they will leave something behind and make a mess and embarrassment.

For those who are camping for the first time, the preparation of camping equipment can be a big problem. I don't know if I will be camping again in the future because I have no experience. Faced with a wide range of camping equipment, you don't know which ones to buy and which ones to borrow.

And you may not even have a concept of what kind of camping style you like, so even if you have enough silver bullets, you don't know how to start. So, let's briefly introduce the basic equipment that new campers may need!

1. Tent + ground cloth

Tent style thousands of models, buy and sell to pay attention to the details are also more, and do not recommend rashly start, it is recommended that at the beginning of the first to borrow from friends or with the community equipment rental company to rent, and even a lot of camps also rent to get, use this way first to know the way to set up the tent, and at the same time understand their own more important point, because buy the most expensive wrong.

Style can first consider two camp pillars cross-pitch yurt type tent, this style is now popular mainstream style, mainly is easy to carry and good to set up, light weight, very suitable for beginners. Please pay attention to the choice of material and pay attention to waterproof and breathability.

In addition, usually the tent will be attached to a ground cloth, isolate the tent and the direct contact with the ground, to extend the life of the tent.Ground cloth also has a role in blocking the wet and cold, I think the outdoor control can also prepare a moisture-proof pad, and then laid in the tent interior, more comfortable in the wet and cold winter!  And beautiful moisture mats can also be taken out as picnic mats on weekdays, multi-functional.

Advice: First rent / borrow to participate in camping, understand the tent set up and use details before buying.

How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (1)

2. Cooking tent / living room tent

Cooking tent or living room tent as some people call it, the main role is to provide protection from the sun, wind and rain so that outdoor enthusiasts can sit leisurely chatting and drinking tea place, but also can provide cooking space.

The living room tent can cope with a lot of climate change in the outdoors when it is sunny and rainy after hanging the side cloth, but the weight is heavy and the space occupied is not small, so many outdoor control choose the way to find friends to share, or just set up the canopy tent.

Advice: Share with friends or choose to camp in campsites with canopies first, and then decide how to buy depending on the situation.

3. Canopy tent

Depending on personal habits and preferences, it is recommended that novice cook tents and canopy tents can choose one. Canopy tent compared to the living room tent light, color options are also more lively, but can not be completely sheltered from the elements, while setting up the use of more skills, the need for ground space is also relatively large.

Advice: Observe how experienced outdoor enthusiasts set up the canopy tent before deciding whether you need to buy.

4. Camping tools

Such as camping pegs, camping hammer, camping posts, camping rope, of course, are essential. Especially when the weather is changing, the use of camp pegs and camp ropes to strengthen the fortifications can greatly increase the tent's ability to resist the wind and rain, and good tools not only let you get twice as much done, but also multiply the safety! Of course, tools like camping mallets can be borrowed from friends you know at first.

Advice: Tents are equipped with camping pegs and ropes, but there is no harm in preparing a little more.

5. About cooking

Stove: the introduction of the recommended choice of card gas stove or mountain stove. And double mouth stove and fast stove, etc., due to the size and heavy, do not consider for the time being. At the beginning of the first choice of lightweight stove, the time to use more, usually hiking or climbing can carry, and stable fire, cooking is very convenient.

Pots and pans: If you just want to keep everything simple, you can use the existing pots and pans at home, we recommend bringing a pan and a soup pot, you can cope with most of the needs. The pan is used for frying, stir-frying and baking, while the soup pot can be used for cooking hot pot in addition to boiling water and making noodles.

Tableware: We don't recommend using no-clean tableware. Stackable wooden or stainless steel dishes are a good choice. After you have more experience in camping, you can buy more style tableware according to your personal taste and preference.

Advice: Use the props you have at home first and then buy more one after another.

How to organize camping equipment for newcomers? (1)

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