What should I wear as a base layer for hiking?

What should I wear as a base layer for hiking?

Science right clothing choice Why the functionality of the base layers for hiking is essential & how to find perfect sports underwear for yourself, gibts here!

A dreamlike view on the mountain top, a tasty goulash soup after a hike to your favorite hut or a new personal best time on your classic running route: sporting goals can be very different, just like the demands on the right sportswear. Adapted to the respective sporting challenge and the prevailing weather conditions, sportswear should be adapted and matched. One thing always remains a central issue: the base layer, the essential base layer of your sportswear that you wear directly on your skin.

First things first: shirts for this function come in a wide variety of designs and price categories, so it's worth comparing different offers, especially in this clothing segment. In addition to an extensive range of sports and leisure clothing, you can also find a wide and high-quality range for the right base layer. And best of all, the price/performance is guaranteed to be right here!


Why is the base layer important?

The base layer is the bottom or first layer of the so-called "onion principle", a type of layered clothing often used by amateur and professional athletes. The idea here is to divide one's sportswear into individual layers that all have different properties or functions to fulfill in order to ensure optimal support for outdoor sports in the end. The bottom layer plays a key role, as it is only there that direct skin contact occurs and the clothing is exposed to increased temperatures, moisture and friction. The base layer is therefore of enormous importance and is often underestimated. If the functional underwear of your clothing is not up to these challenges, the risk of illness due to wetness or cold increases many times over. Sports shirts must therefore bring a variety of properties to protect you in the best possible way from the external conditions and support you ideally in any kind of movement.


What distinguishes a base layer?

Functionality is the keyword when it comes to sports underwear! Whether hiking in summer or ski touring in winter, the functional shirt should be able to regulate moisture and temperature fluctuations as best as possible.

Airy-light and pleasantly elastic!

Depending on the season and the prevailing temperatures, the material must always be considered when choosing the right sports underwear. For hiking sports, many manufacturers rely on a sophisticated material mix of polyester and elastane. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that, thanks to its texture, forms very small air pockets in the fabric and thus ensures sufficient warmth. Furthermore, the fiber guarantees ideal sweat-wicking and is, therefore, the right choice for the optimal base layer, especially in summer. The additional spandex content is especially crucial for freedom of movement. This material makes the functional clothing elastic and offers you optimal support for any hiking adventure, no matter how challenging. If you prefer it really airy and light in hot summer temperatures, it is best to reach for a functional shirt made of mesh fabric. This special material mix of polyester and nylon is durable, quick-drying and incredibly breathable. Thus, functional shirts of this type provide optimal support even in hot temperatures.


Warm and dry through the cold season!

While the merino wool is extremely comfortable on the skin and optimally wicks away sweat, the polypropylene ensures sufficient breathability and is also extraordinarily fast-drying. A small amount of elastane also ensures the necessary freedom of movement here. This type of functional underwear supports you optimally when skiing, ski touring or cross-country skiing and you can enjoy winter sports in all its diversity.

During sports, the body is in constant motion, so some friction between skin and clothing is inevitable. Here, too, the base layer is called for. Elastic and very soft fabric supports gentle skin contact and also ensures optimum wearing comfort. Of course, weight is also of crucial importance.

The decisive phase after the sport!

In addition to the many functions that the base layer should fulfill during sports, it is especially intensively demanded afterwards. After sports, the body automatically produces less heat, but sweat continues to be secreted and the body cools steadily more and more. It is therefore all the more important that you can rely on a breathable and fast-drying base layer during this phase, which transports moisture to the outside and prevents cooling. The optimal functional shirt is dry and warm again just a few minutes after the sport, which means that wind and weather cannot harm you even in this delicate phase.

The underestimated guarantor for functional sportswear!

So the base layer is the functional foundation for any sports outfit! But one thing must not be forgotten with all the functionality and technology: The shirt must also convince fashionably! Cycorld offers a perfect selection in this regard as well. Great colors and trendy designs can be found there in abundance. So take a look, enjoy the great selection and experience perfectly equipped new, exciting outdoor adventures!

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